Le Quai Steffen restaurant opens at Luxembourg train station

Le Quai Steffen adds a restaurant to its existing takeaway

Groupe Steffen is delighted to announce that Le Quai Steffen, its new restaurant at Luxembourg train station, is now open for business. Work on the premises began back in October 2017 after Luxembourg’s national railway company CFL awarded the group a 10-year concession agreement to operate the restaurant on state-owned land at the station.

Following 18 months of renovation and compliance work, Le Quai Steffen is now open to the public. Aside from the relaxing setting with contemporary design cues, the restaurant promises to deliver an all-new culinary experience: impressing lovers of high-quality food, serving up delicious, balanced meals for people in a hurry, and appealing to customers looking to hold a business lunch between trains or simply enjoy some of the best food the city has to offer.

This new city-centre restaurant is playing its part in the regeneration of the station district. The 50-strong team of passionate, engaged employees is determined to rise to the challenge. The new tram service will draw even more people to the area, boosting footfall and ensuring staff at the site are fully employed.

The restaurant has 123 seats, plus an extra 10 at the bar. An 80-seater terrace will open next summer. The restaurant is expected to be busy, occupying a prime spot in a station with approximately 70,000 daily users. It will be run by a team of around 50 employees, adding to 12 staff employed by the takeaway.

Le Quai Steffen will offer a table and bar service, serving up a varied menu of local and vegetarian dishes, bolder options and a selection of traditional cuisine that draws on our European heritage.

The restaurant’s ethos is to strike just the right balance between quality, visual appeal and impeccable service. “One cannot function without the other,” explains Frank Steffen. “We’ve always been about bringing our customers exceptional produce, and giving parents the peace of mind that our food is natural and healthy for their children to eat. We’re also committed to sustainability and to transparency on food health and safety standards. We have an in-house team of experts dedicated to meeting those standards.”

Like the group’s other brands, Le Quai Steffen’s policy is to work with local producers and suppliers wherever possible, and to do whatever it can in its day-to-day operations to support and promote sustainability. “We support healthy, balanced, local, sustainable food,” says Frank Steffen, summing up the firm’s ethos. “We share the same aims and values as Valorlux and the Luxembourg Movement for Quality and Excellence. And, like all other group brands, we’re working hard to achieve Socially Responsible Business (ESR) certification. In fact, La Table de Frank in Steinfort is the first restaurant in Luxembourg to be ESR-certified.”

Facts and figures:

  • 80 technical meetings with architects and engineers
  • Over 1,500 hours of work for the Groupe Steffen team
  • More than 25 contractors involved (from structural to finishing work)
  • 226 sq m: size of the restaurant dining area
  • 57 sq m: size of the takeaway sales area
  • 1,126 sq m: total size of the premises, including kitchens, cloakrooms, plant rooms and offices
  • 12 employees at the takeaway
  • + 50 employees at the restaurant